juicer 2.0 - how we put it all together

Juicer's distributed web-scale spider built on Python + Linux magic dust efforlessly keeps up with millions of web conversations. The terrabytes of data it yields at a moment's notice is handled by our in-house scalable data storage solution we lovingly call HulkDB.

Conceived by our resident evil scientists and nurtured by gentler souls,HulkDB is ever hungry for more data. The web trotting Juicer spider and HulkDB are supported by our super robust, propreitary Platform-as-a-service framework, Cloudlibs, borne out of years of experience in building awesome software.

Juicer's software design philosophy acknowledges the chaotic elements of the real world and our software is so designed to always have a plan B. Juicer servers are spread across the world in order to get maximum coverage and battle ready fault tolerance.